Create Trains Booking Web App Using Laravel Free Download

Create Trains Booking Web App Using Laravel Free Download

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Create Trains Booking Web App Using Laravel From Scratch

What you’ll learn

Create Trains Booking Web App Using Laravel

How to display trains

How to book a train

How to pay for trips


Windows or MAC

Internet Connection


This courses will teach you How to Build Trains Booking System Using Laravel.Laravel is one of the best frameworks to use for building web apps. In this course, I’m going to take you on a trip to learn Laravel by building a Trains booking app. I’m going to start by showing you how to install Laravel all the way to the end where you will have create a complete app. So by the end of this course you will have built an Trains booking system using laravel. And your Laravel skills well be robust Why should you take this course?There are many reasons why this course is extremely important.First and most prominently is that you will learn how to build Trains booking app.Secondly you will improve your java skills by creating a complete project.Third you can highlight this particular skill in your CV which would potentially make you stand out from the crowd. What you will learn in this course?1. How to install Laravel.2. How to get started with Laravel..3. How to display Trains.4. how to search for Trains.5. How to book Trains.6. How to pay for your ticket.7. And much more…


Section 1: Course Content

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 2_tools_you_need_

Lecture 3 3_installing_xampp_mac

Lecture 4 4_xampp_tour

Lecture 5 5_install_composer_mac

Lecture 6 6_Install_xampp_windows

Lecture 7 7_Install_Composer_windows

Lecture 8 8_create_project_

Lecture 9 9_project_folder_

Lecture 10 10_run_project_

Lecture 11 11_route_explained_

Lecture 12 12_blade_templates_

Lecture 13 13_bootstrap_

Lecture 14 14_navbar_

Lecture 15 15_testing_navbar_

Lecture 16 16_cards_

Lecture 17 17_grid_

Lecture 18 18_controller_

Lecture 19 19_controller_function_

Lecture 20 20_data_

Lecture 21 21_database_credential_

Lecture 22 22_tables_

Lecture 23 23_trains_

Lecture 24 24_foreach_

Lecture 25 25_style_

Lecture 26 Project files

Lecture 27 26_testing_

Lecture 28 27_single_train_

Lecture 29 28_single_function_

Lecture 30 29_single_view_

Lecture 31 30_images

Lecture 32 31_seats_

Lecture 33 32_single_style

Lecture 34 33_book_now_

Lecture 35 34_booking_form_

Lecture 36 35_booking_

Lecture 37 36_insert_booking_

Lecture 38 37_booking_test

Lecture 39 38_booking_style

Lecture 40 39_testing_seats_

Lecture 41 40_thank_you_

Lecture 42 41_ids_

Lecture 43 42_user_id_

Lecture 44 43_check_user_id

Lecture 45 44_book_once_

Lecture 46 45_search_

Section 2: Project files

Lecture 47 Project files

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