Creative Poster Design #002

Creative Poster Design #002

 Creative Poster Design #002
he Class consists of small lessons that will cover each step from each Poster. We will go from Concept, Colour, Layout to Finish Product.

What will you learn:

On the first Poster, you will learn:

    • Poster Document Setup
    • 3D Isometric Text Effects
    • Distortion tools
    • Gradient tool
    • Scale and masking Techniques

On the second Poster, you will learn:

    • Poster Document Setup
    • Copy techniques
    • Pucket Distortion Tool
    • Vector Optimization
    • Pathfinder and other shape building tools

On the third Poster, you will learn:

    • Poster Document Setup
    • Using Eraser Tool
    • Text editing effects
    • Free Transform Tool
    • Illustrator vector Brushes

Why should you take this Class?

The best part of being a designer is experimentation and the possibility of learning and exploring new techniques and skills, and this Class will give you that!

The skills learned in this Class can help you push further your designs and look at some tools differently and more creatively. With these distortion tools, you open a world of possibilities for your projects.

You can apply the techniques learned in class in multiple ways. For example, you can add this distortion not only to Text but to shapes and vectors, customizing and creating something new every time.

I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for more than a decade, and never a tool gave me so much power for experimentation!

I’ve used Adobe Illustrator to Design Billboard illustrations for Global brands and design Logos for the corner shop in my Neighbourhood.

It’s an incredible tool, and I’m always excited to teach and share more about it!