GreyscaleGorilla Hub Plugins, HDRI Collection SPACE and Surface Imperfections Stains Free Download

GreyscaleGorilla Hub Plugins, HDRI Collection SPACE and Surface Imperfections Stains Free Download


Plus Hub Plugins for Cinema 4D 2023
You should now be able to browse your plus library assets with Cinema 4D 2023.

Tested using windows but I believe it is also Mac compatible. Fell free to ask if you have any issues.

Contains the following plugins and presets:
Align Tools
Cyc Types
HDRI Studio
Light Kit Pro
Light Kit Pro Packs
Light Types
Social Frame
HDRI Collection SPACE
Need that final galactic touch for your next render? Try our HDRI Collection: Space, offering beautifully crafted setups to give your extraterrestrial renders something extra. 20 high-resolution HDRIs including Alien Skies, Stars, Nebula, and Aurora Borealis. With this collection of HDRIs, the possibilities are astronomical.

Make sure to also install plus library, and add the HDRI’s to your asset library.

Surface Imperfections: Stains
When’s the last time you saw pristine glass? No splotches, streaks, or spots. Perfect glass is like a unicorn. Does it even exist? Now, imagine a render with glass so perfect it looks fake. With Stains you can add major (or minor) markings to your materials and step up the realism. There are 50 high-resolution texture maps available offering a variety of looks. Add just a few drops for subtle detail or go for full coverage that will make you want to squeegee immediately. Think dried water drips. A splotched mirror. Hardwater-stained faucets. Add Stains to glass, metal, wood, and more for high-quality authentic renders.

GreyscaleGorillaHubPluginsHDRICollectionSPACE SurfaceImperfectionsStains.part1.rar – 350.0 MB
GreyscaleGorillaHubPluginsHDRICollectionSPACE SurfaceImperfectionsStains.part2.rar – 350.0 MB
GreyscaleGorillaHubPluginsHDRICollectionSPACE SurfaceImperfectionsStains.part3.rar – 350.0 MB
GreyscaleGorillaHubPluginsHDRICollectionSPACE SurfaceImperfectionsStains.part4.rar – 341.3 MB