KreativePro – Masterclass By Neftali Loria

KreativePro – Masterclass By Neftali Loria

KreativePro – Masterclass By Neftali Loria
The problem is the lack of context and continuation most other courses provide. Typically they provide chunks of information but stop leaving you dry and cold without really understanding the entire process.

Neftali is an award-winning creative director with +15 years of UX/UI design experience, a passionate no-code advocate, and an instructor at the prestigious Awwwards Academy.

Who should enroll?
IT Students or Professionals including Designers, Engineers, Art Directors, Marketers, Content Creators, or Entrepreneurs looking to learn the complete process of creating visual experiences with modern technology. If you are looking to grow your skills in any of these roles, this Masterclass is the key to opening those doors.

What are we building?
In this Masterclass, you’ll join award-winning creative director Neftali to design & build a virtual reality streaming platform. An exciting project filled with visual components, interactions, animations, and dynamic data from start to finish.

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