Learning Path Aws Serverless Applications With Aws Lambda Free Download

Learning Path Aws Serverless Applications With Aws Lambda Free Download

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Learn how to build, manage, and deploy scalable cloud services with AWS Lambda

What you’ll learn

Build web applications with Lambda and Node .js

Design and implement serverless application architectures with Lambda, API Gateway Service, DynamoDB, S3, and CloudFront

Leverage the serverless framework to build complex applications

Learn to program, deploy, and test Lambda functions with Node .js, Java, Python, and C#

Learn to build and deploy applications AWS Lambda

Discover the hype, significance, and business benefits of serverless computing and applications

Know how to design and deploy considerations for AWS Lambda

Explore the AWS Lambda function


No prior knowledge of AWS is required

Familiarity with Java, Python, Node .js, and C# will be helpful


Web Services continues its domination as the leading cloud service provider on the market. Lambda is the part of Web Services that lets you run your code without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda is a compute service that enables you to deploy applications and back-end services that operate with zero upfront cost and require no system administration. So, if you’re an IT architect or a developer who wants to build scalable systems and deploy serverless applications with AWS Lambda, then go for this Learning Path.

Packt’s Video Learning Path is a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

The highlights of this Learning Path are

Learn to write, run, and deploy Lambda functions in the AWS cloudExplore the best practices to effectively monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications using AWS CloudFront

Let’s take a quick look at your learning journey. This Learning Path starts off with covering the basics of AWS Lambda. You will then learn to build a serverless application wherein you will create a web client, a serverless backend with DynamoDB, and deploy the serverless frontend on CloudFront. You will also be glanced through Eclipse and the AWS Eclipse plugin. Next, you will learn to create and deploy AWS Lambda functions with Java, Python, and C#. You will then learn to build a simple serverless application in Java, a serverless backend with Python, and a serverless project with .NET Core. Moving ahead, you will explore the architecture and components of AWS Lambda. You will learn to integrate AWS Lambda with Simple Storage Service (S3) and DynamoDB. Finally, you will discover how to design and deploy considerations for AWS Lambda.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will make the most of AWS Lambda functions to design, build scalable and cost-efficient systems and deploy serverless applications with AWS Lambda.

Meet Your Expert(s)

We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth

Markus Klems is an expert in software development and system administration for scalable, high-availability and high-performance software systems, such as big data, mobile, web application, and Software-as-a-Service systems. In the context of his research and development work at TU Berlin and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), he has gained in-depth knowledge and experience with complex and large-scale IT systems. He has been working with Web Services (AWS) since 2008 and is particularly excited about emeg technology trends in the realms of serverless computing and serverless microservice architectures.Alan Rodrigues is a software technology evangelist with over 10+ years of experience in the software industry. Being abreast with the latest technologies is what he does best. One life is just not enough to intake all the information the world has to offer, but he does his bit and takes it one step at a . These are just a few of the technologies he is well-versed in

Cloud Services – Web Services. Certified in AWS as a SysOps Administrator. Well-versed in Azure Web Services as well. Business Intelligence – SAP Business Objects, Informatica Powercenter. Atlassian suite of products (JIRA, JIRA Agile, JIRA service desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hipchat) Configuration, Continuous Integration – Subversion, Git, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo. Operating Systems – Windows server 2003, 2008 & 2012, Windows 7, 10, Ubuntu, CentOS. Databases – Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server. Change and Release Management – HPSM, HP uCMDB, Atlassian Service Desk.


Section 1: Learning AWS Lambda

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Installation and Setup

Lecture 3 Introduction to AWS

Lecture 4 AWS Management Console Walkthrough

Lecture 5 AWS Lambda

Lecture 6 AWS API Gateway

Lecture 7 The Serverless Framework

Lecture 8 Creating a Serverless Project

Lecture 9 Programming a Lambda Function with Node.js

Lecture 10 Testing and Debugging Lambda Functions

Lecture 11 Building a Stateless Serverless Web Application Backend

Lecture 12 Stateful Serverless Backend with DynamoDB

Lecture 13 Creating a Web Client

Lecture 14 Deploying a Serverless Frontend on CloudFront

Lecture 15 Getting Started with Eclipse and the AWS Eclipse Plugin

Lecture 16 Deploying and Testing AWS Lambda Functions

Lecture 17 Lambda Function with S3 Event Input

Lecture 18 Creating a Simple Serverless Java Application

Lecture 19 Creating a Python Lambda Function

Lecture 20 Using the Serverless Framework with Python

Lecture 21 Building a Serverless Backend with Python

Lecture 22 Creating a C# Lambda Function with .NET Core

Lecture 23 Creating a C# Serverless Project with .NET Core

Section 2: Deep Dive into AWS Lambda

Lecture 24 The Course Overview

Lecture 25 Traditional Deployment and Infrastructure Mechanisms

Lecture 26 Welcome to the Brave New World of Serverless Computing

Lecture 27 Introduction to the API Gateway

Lecture 28 Introduction to AWS Lambda

Lecture 29 Concepts of AWS Lambda

Lecture 30 Components of AWS Lambda

Lecture 31 Your First AWS Lambda Function – Build

Lecture 32 Your First AWS Lambda Function – Deploy

Lecture 33 Your first AWS Lambda Function – Results

Lecture 34 Lambda Blueprints

Lecture 35 Quick Review on the Simple Storage Service

Lecture 36 AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Node.js

Lecture 37 AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Node.js – Demo

Lecture 38 AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Java

Lecture 39 AWS Lambda and Simple Storage Service with Java – Demo

Lecture 40 Quick Review on the DynamoDB Service

Lecture 41 Setting Up DynamoDB for AWS Lambda

Lecture 42 AWS Lambda and DynamoDB – Working with Tables

Lecture 43 AWS Lambda and DynamoDB – Working with Streams

Lecture 44 Versioning in AWS Lambda

Lecture 45 Using Environment Variables

Lecture 46 Viewing Lambda Metrics

Lecture 47 Viewing CloudWatch Logs

Lecture 48 Quick Review on CloudFormation

Lecture 49 Deploying Lambda Applications Using CloudFormation

Lecture 50 Automated Deployment of Lambda Applications

Lecture 51 Troubleshooting AWS Lambda

Lecture 52 Best Practices for AWS Lambda

This Learning Path is for IT architects, developers, and cloud administrators who want to design, build, and deploy scalable systems with AWS Lambda.