Learning Path C# Functional Programming For C# Developers Free Download

Learning Path C# Functional Programming For C# Developers Free Download

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Create efficient code using functional programming with C#

What you’ll learn

Develop an application using the functional approach

Use recursion in functional programming in order to simplify code

Optimize the program code using laziness and caching techniques

Work through a LINQ query so you can work with data

Compose asynchronous programs to create a responsive application


Basic knowledge of C#


Do you want to make your application faster, improve performance, and increase your productivity? If yes, then this Learning Path is just what you need.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

This Learning Path takes a pragmatic approach and shows you advanced techniques and best practices that will help you write better functional constructs in C#. You’ll learn how to apply the functional programming concepts in business scenarios. You will also develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of LINQ in C#. After you have a firm grip on the basic concepts, you will learn about asynchronous programming related to functional programming and how to use async and await in C#. You will also be able to write code using the best approach and learn to perform unit testing in functional programming, chag how you approach your application and revolutionizing your projects.

By the end of the Learning Path, you will have a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of functional programming.

About the Author

For this course, we have combined the best works of this esteemed author

Wisnu Anggoro is a Microsoft Certified Professional in C# programming and an experienced C/C developer. He has also authored Boost.Asio C Network Programming – Second Edition, published by Packt Publishing. He has been programming since he was in junior high school and started developing computer applications using the BASIC programming language in the MS-DOS environment. He has a solid experience of smart card programming as well as desktop and web application programming, such as designing, developing, and supporting live use applications for SIM card operating system porting, personalization, PC/SC communication, and other smart card applications that require the use of C# and C/C. He is currently a senior smart card software eeer at CIPTA, an Indonesian company that specializes in the innovation and technology of smart cards.


Section 1: Functional Programming in C# – Part 1

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Introducing Functional Programming

Lecture 3 Preparing the C# Compiler

Lecture 4 Concepts of functional programming

Lecture 5 Feeling Functional in C#

Lecture 6 Transfog Imperative Code to Functional Code

Lecture 7 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Functional Programming

Lecture 8 Introducing Delegates

Lecture 9 Built-in Delegates

Lecture 10 Distinguishing Variance in Delegates

Lecture 11 Getting to Know Anonymous Methods

Lecture 12 Lambda Expressions

Lecture 13 Subscribing for Events Using Lambda Expressions

Lecture 14 The Advantages of Using Lambda Expression in Functional Programming

Lecture 15 Getting Closer to Extension Methods

Lecture 16 Calling Extension Methods in the Other Assemblies

Lecture 17 Leveraging the Interface, Collection, and Object

Lecture 18 Advantages and Limitations of the Extension Method

Section 2: Functional Programming in C# – Part 2

Lecture 19 The Course Overview

Lecture 20 Getting Started with LINQ

Lecture 21 Deferring LINQ Execution

Lecture 22 Choosing Between Fluent Syntax and Query Expression Syntax

Lecture 23 Enumerating Standard Query Operators

Lecture 24 Some More Standard Query Operators

Lecture 25 Building a Responsive Application

Lecture 26 The Asynchronous Programming Model Pattern

Lecture 27 The Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern

Lecture 28 Asynchronous Programming and Asynchronous Functions

C# developers with basic knowledge of C#