Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2]

Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2]Take your Retouching to the next level with our .RAW portrait library – perfect for practice sessions, sharpening your skills, and creative projects.

All files are royalty free and can be used for personal or commercial work.

Art Retouch Portrait Library [Vol 1] is compatible with CaptureOne, Lightroom, and Photoshop’s Camera Raw.

You no longer need to reach out to photographers to get your hands on a variety of RAW files!!

We’ve done the hard work for you, assembling a collection of studio-lit photo-sets in a variety of genres – with different problems to fix in each image.

Bump up your portfolio, share in Groups, or post on socials for feedback – Retouch Practice WITHOUT the pressure!

Whatever your creative fancy, this stock collection has a portrait for you.

Genre themes in this collection include: Portrait, Urban, Contemporary, Action, Thriller, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, and Sci-Fi.

A lot more variation and range, than the ‘standard’ portrait shots we’re all familiar with!

Want to photo-bash something together, without getting your hands dirty with the RAW files? We’ve got you covered…

Polished versions of all files (Retouched / Edited JPGs) are included in your bundle – so you can hit the ground running with your photo manipulation / design work.

Maximum Versatility!

These stocks are perfect for your practice projects, but can also be used for any commercial / freelance / commission work you get in too.

Full release is held on all images, and licensed for commercial useage (NeoStock Standard License) – giving you the full freedom to earn from these assets professionally.

Originally created for Book Cover Design, these stocks have a tonne of other uses – the only limit is your imagination.



Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2].part4.rar – 1.9 GB
Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2].part3.rar – 2.4 GB
Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2].part2.rar – 2.4 GB
Neo Stock Art Retouch Portrait Bundle [Vol 2].part1.rar – 2.4 GB