OF3D Academy – Masterviz Free Download

OF3D Academy – Masterviz Free Download

Audio: English
Softwares: 3DsMax | Corona Renderer
Project Files: Included

We believe that every professional who creates realistic images doesn’t do it magically.
Behind every fabulous visualization you create, there is a method.
Yes, we have developed this method.
We are aware that it is not the only way to achieve realism in rendering,
but we guarantee that the way we teach is unique in the world and that anyone can learn.


There is no practice without theory! Just like in the gym, first you have to understand the movements and then execute them. Within Archviz it is no different, it is necessary to equip yourself with some specific knowledge before getting your hands dirty. It would be a big mistake to underestimate fundamental concepts, such as photography, rules of composition, lighting, materials, colors, etc. Therefore, here you will build the necessary theoretical foundation to create breathtaking visualizations!

Lighting is one of the main pillars behind a high-level rendering. This pillar can turn your render into a highly realistic view, or destroy it completely. Here’s one of the most essential parts of rendering for architecture: conveying emotions and telling stories — and that can’t be done without light

We have been in contact with different materials and textures for a long time. This means that our senses are absolutely used to observing and feeling the different surfaces around us. Therefore, knowing how to observe the world around us, and being able to accurately reproduce the way materials behave in real life, is an indispensable skill for an elite 3D artist.

Within the 3D world, cameras are the artist’s eyes. What’s the best angle? How to frame what really matters? What details, highlights and aspects of the scene do you need to highlight? In this module, all these and many other questions will be answered. In the end, you’ll know everything you need to be able to position and configure your cameras – like a pro!

Theory without practice is worthless! It is necessary to know how to give importance to the technical details of 3D. When the objective is maximum quality and execution speed, having independence when modeling and knowing how to configure the render is crucial. With the knowledge acquired in this step, you will have the necessary confidence to never become a hostage of “ready blocks”.

So you already have the theory, practice and domain of the software. The time has come to put it all together and live firsthand what it really is to be a 3D artist. For that, we’ll teach you the entire workflow, from start to finish, to produce complete scenes, from the simplest to the most complex. With this, you will not only apply everything you’ve learned so far, but you’ll also be able to understand in a practical way how to be efficient and productive when working in the most diverse scenarios and situations – and always at the highest level!

A quality render comes out straight from Corona. However, the truth is, there are always tweaks and refinements that can take your visualizations to the next level, and we call that “post-production”. In OF3D Masterviz you will learn to use Photoshop to extract the maximum potential from your visualizations.

If you are one of those who are not satisfied with the shallow, with the superficial, you are in the right place. The elite of the Archviz market does not belong to those who settle down, but to those who seek to use the best techniques and processes. With that in mind, we decided to open the game and show you what to do to achieve technical and conceptual mastery of architectural visualization.

OF3D Masterviz is not just any 3D course. We take the quality of education we deliver seriously, and our greatest desire is to see you — yes, you — take off in your career as a 3D artist. So, so that you can start your journey, we will present you with a library of blocks and materials of the highest quality — and curated! In addition, we will provide several practical recorded tutorials to help you solve complex problems that appear in everyday life, with tips and tricks.

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