Photoshop Composite Masterclass: Advanced Lighting Techniques


Photoshop Composite Masterclass: Advanced Lighting Techniques

Photoshop Composite Masterclass: Advanced Lighting Techniques
Learn how to master advanced lighting techniques for your Photoshop composites from a decade-long professional in the field! By the end of this course you will have created 3 of your own Photoshop Composites using advanced lighting techniques and be well equipped to keep creating forever!

What makes or breaks a photoshop composite most of the time comes down purely to the execution of the lighting techniques in the piece. If you mess up on either the brightness level, saturation level, or color correction, your piece will look photoshopped and placed on and in the cutthroat world of graphic design, that doesn’t fly and it won’t get you any jobs. In this part of my Photoshop Masterclass series, you will learn advanced lighting techniques that I learned over the past decade of work, techniques which helped me and will help you too to take your composites to the next level!

I have sat exactly where you are, going through tutorials, courses, you name it, but it got frustrating when the courses or tutorials weren’t comprehensive enough to cover everything that I wanted it to. Now, I value my time a lot, but more importantly I value yours. It is vital to get everything you need from just one video, one course, and that is what my goal is with every single one of my courses. For this one specifically, my goal is to have it be the only photoshop compositing course to learn advanced lighting techniques, that you will ever need!

This course is made using the most up-to-date version of Adobe Photoshop CC as of January 2021, the brand new Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 update, however the principles and skills taught in this course can and will apply to other future versions as well. You can also download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop from

In this course you will learn:

Where you can find FREE photos to create composites
Simple lighting correction
Simple color correction
Advanced lighting correction
Advanced color correction
Neon lighting technique
Best way to save your final piece