Physics Now v2 Free Download (WIN+MAC)

Physics Now v2 Free Download

Easily simulate any visible layers in After Effects with this fast and powerful 2D physics simulation plugin.

Tag a layer as DYNAMIC or STATIC. Then hit SIMULATE and watch your simulation playback on your After Effects timeline.
You work with your simulation directly inside After Effects.
All settings are attached to your layers. They will follow along if you reorder or rename your layer or even copy your layer to another composition. And they will be saved in the After Effects project and will be ready for you the next time you open it.

Shape layers
Most shape layers are automatically analyzed and will work with no extra work. If you have complex shape layers you can easily create a Collision Cage for them.
Shape layers can be solid or hollow. Simply disable or delete the fill and the shape layer is considered hollow. Hollow layers can contain other layers.

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