Portrait lessons Natural Light Portrait [NEW]

Portrait lessons Natural Light Portrait

Natural and Studio Light Portrait Photography

For the first time in English, a revolutionary talent, portrait photographer, and teacher Alexey Kazantsev presents – Journey to Mastery – 2 online courses designed for anyone interested in learning how to create amazing portraits.

Everything is explained simply so that this learning journey is helpful for both complete beginners and already initiated photographers.

Here Is a Quick Preview of

What You’ll Learn:​

  • How to gain trust and interact with your model, as well as where to find them
  • How to properly light a scene using natural or studio controlled light
  • What tools and camera settings the pros use to create the mood they want
  • Post-processing – how to not overdo it!
  • More advanced photo processing techniques that are easy to follow along
  • How to perfect your image for print or preserve its quality for online publications
  • How to pose your subje


Studio Light Portrait


Studio Light Portrait is an in-depth course that’ll take your studio photography to a whole new level with easy-to-understand and easy-to-use lighting schemes and post-processing tips and techniques.

Part 1

Part 1 of this course will focus not only on learning how to use lighting properly but also on setting up a studio environment. Even if you don’t have a studio, you’ll learn to recreate these settings at home!

Alexey will walk you through everything you’ll need to get started: the gear you’ll need, the different types of lighting, and how to set them up for various effects in your portraits.

The success of any portrait depends on the subject and how they feel and communicate emotions. You will also gain some soft skills in this part of the course when you learn how to share your ideas with the model and some other tips for making it go smoothly.

Part 2

It’s time to up your game! In Part 2 of this course, you’ll dive into the workflow process that Alexey personally follows to edit his portraits in Abode Lightroom™ and Photoshop™.

2 types of portraits, a close-up and three quarters, will undergo a thorough but gentle and delicate retouching you can follow along.

Even without any previous Photoshop™ knowledge, you’ll master image editing, retouching, and color grading, as well as professional photo processing methods like Frequency Separation and Dodge and Burn.


Size: 3.1 GB Free Download