RayFire v1.86 for 3ds Max 2023 Win x64 Free Download

RayFire v1.86 for 3ds Max 2023 Win x64 Free Download

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

For 8 years of ongoing development RayFire proves its production efficiency.
Hundreds of Freelancers, Students, Game Studios, VFX Houses, and Engineering companies consider RayFire as a Must Have plugin.

RayFire is developing for Artists and by Artists, we know how to make workflow Easy to learn and Intuitive to use but still provide High Efficiency.
It will be enough to watch one hour of video tutorials to start using RayFire in your projects.

Feature List:

Bullet and Nvidia PhysX support via RayFire user interface allows You to create Rigid Body simulations, affect objects during simulation by Forces, Space Warps, and Mouse Cursor.
Interactive Demolition System. Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength during simulation. Each fragment can be demolished further with the proper amount of collision strength.
Shatter modifier. Tetrahedron-based damaging and fragmentation.
Voronoi modifier. Interactive real-time Voronoi shatter modifier.
Bricks modifier. Allows to quickly fragment geometry to Bricks or Stones.
Cache object. Allows to cache geometry and animation in a single file to store it outside of the scene.
Trace object. Image tracing to fragments.
Clusters modifier. Groups simple fragments into more complex clusters.
Bomb helper. Allows You to create all kinds of explosions.
Fragmentation types. Irregular, Uniform, Voronoi, Wood splinters, Radial, Bricks fragmentation types. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.
Asperity modifier. Adds detalization to simple geometry and makes them much more realistic.
Slice modifier. Advanced Slice modifier with all features You may need.
Cracks modifier. Animated 3D Cracks inside refractive object.
Voxels modifier. Creates voxels using geometry volume.
Particle Flow support. Generates geometry objects on particle death and dynamically continues their animation.
Fragmentation by Shapes. Allows to use Shapes as stencils to fragment objects.