Selenium Webdriver Advance Test Automation Free Download

Selenium Webdriver Advance Test Automation Free Download

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Learn about advance features and usage of Selenium WebDriver in test automation

What you’ll learn

Able to do test automation using advance features of Selenium WebDriver


You should know basics of Selenium WebDriver and Java


There are many advance features and usage of Selenium WebDriver which can further enhance your automated test suites. These includes things like taking screenshots, taking video shoots, page objects, page factory, capabilities, actions, javascript executor etc. Using these and other technologies like Robot class etc. you write automated tests to take care of more complex scenarios.

In this course you will learn about this advance usage which will take your test automation skill level to a notch above bner level.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Taking ScreenShots & Video Shoots

Lecture 2 Taking ScreenShots

Lecture 3 Taking VideoShots

Section 3: CapabilitiesDesired CapabilitiesPlatformArchitecture

Lecture 4 CapabilitiesDesired CapabilitiesPlatformArchitecture : Part-I

Lecture 5 CapabilitiesDesired CapabilitiesPlatformArchitecture: Part-II

Lecture 6 CapabilitiesDesired CapabilitiesPlatformArchitecture: Part-III

Lecture 7 CapabilitiesDesired CapabilitiesPlatformArchitecture: Part-IV

Section 4: Page Objects and Page Factory

Lecture 8 Page Objects

Lecture 9 Page Factory

Section 5: javascript Executor

Lecture 10 javascript Executor : Part-I (executeScript)

Lecture 11 javascript Executor : Part-II (executeScript)

Lecture 12 javascript Executor : Part-III (executeAsyncScript)

Lecture 13 javascript Executor : Part-IV (executeAsyncScript : Response in callback)

Section 6: Interactions

Lecture 14 Interactions Introduction

Lecture 15 Click and Double Click

Lecture 16 Click & Hold and Context Click

Lecture 17 Drag & Drop and KeyDown

Section 7: TargetLocator and Keys

Lecture 18 TargetLocator

Lecture 19 Keys

Section 8: TestNG

Lecture 20 Getting started with TestNG

Lecture 21 Introduction to TestNG

Lecture 22 Major Parts of TestNG Test

Lecture 23 Get Started with TestNG Annotations and TestNG XML

Lecture 24 BeforeTest and AfterTest

Lecture 25 Suites in TestNG

Lecture 26 DataProvider

Lecture 27 Paramters

Lecture 28 Using Excel TestData with DataProvider

Anyone who wants to learn advance usage of Selenium WebDriver