Sergey Gunin Marathon Guru of Light 2.0

Sergey Gunin Marathon Guru of Light 2.0

Sergey Gunin – Marathon: Guru of Light 2.0

If you are a complete beginner in the world, this marathon will give you a complete base and encourage you to practice. If you already know the basics, then a marathon will help fill gaps in knowledge. This marathon is a way to learn to understand the light, to see it. Understand the physics of the process with simple explanations and everyday examples


1. The most basic concepts of light
Visually and through examples we learn to see and create soft and hard light

2. Light contrast
How does the room in which we rent affect our final image. Is it worth it to hang up windows and turn off the lights?

3. Learn to shoot in high key
Photo on the verge of overexposure. Shadowless schemes of light.
All about white background, reflectors.

4. Learn to shoot in a low key
Black background, black shadows, black reflector.

5.Color filters, conversion filters, neutral gray
What mistakes people often make with filters.

6.10 the most creative references and explanations of how to shoot them

Language: Russian

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