The Art of Studio Portraiture with Dana Cole


The Art of Studio Portraiture with Dana ColeThe Art of Studio Portraiture with Dana Cole

Dana Cole is a mother to an 18-year-old daughter, a wife to her husband of 10 years and a Photographer. She began her photography journey back in 2005 while living in Dallas, Texas. After getting a camera as a gift, she began taking pictures of her daughter and family. She then began photographing friends who asked, and within 3 months, she had her first client. The creative side of photography is something Dana knew early on that she had a knack for and something that came easy for her in her work. She spent lots of time practicing and trying to perfect this craft.
She photographed many genres during this time. Portraits (family, kids, babies, pets, etc.), weddings, bridals and events. She wasn’t yet sure what really made her happy and what she really wanted to focus on and specialize in.
In 2009, Dana married her now husband and moved her entire life and career of being a photographer, to Oslo, Norway. ‘Completely having to start over from scratch is not easy.’ It took her 2.5 years to get the ball rolling again with having a profitable business in a country, but she did not give up and got it done! She began getting her network up and running as well as finding more about herself and where her true passion was in the genres she wanted to focus her photography on.