The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio


The Filmmaker’s Guide to AudioThe Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio
Quality audio and sound is a very important part of good filmmaking. Trying to achieve Hollywood-level audio quality when you’re a one-man team could be disastrous and really put a dent in the value of your production. That’s exactly why I created The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio. Because I wanted to create a solution to help YOU as a filmmaker finally understand audio. Sign up now and you’ll get instant access to The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio course where I’ll give you the tools and the information that you need to ensure top-notch audio in your productions.

Included in this course:

    • Over 70 no-fluff, straight-to-the-point videos, amounting to over 10 total hours
    • Understanding essential audio tools so you can know how to instantly double the value of your videos
    • Advanced audio techniques including cleaning up scratchy lav audio (rubbing against clothes) cleaning up dirty camera audio and noise like hum or air conditioning
    • Always expanding database of videos
  • Access to an exclusive online community filled with like-minded individual