The Gnomon Workshop – Game Animation From Concept to Unity Free Download

The Gnomon Workshop – Game Animation From Concept to Unity Free Download

Game Animation: From Concept to Unity is a comprehensive 5-hour workshop that will help you master the art of game animation, tailored for both professional and indie developers alike.

Senior Gameplay Animator Ali Pournassari, who works in AAA game development, takes artists on a deep dive into the world of animation for games. He kicks things off with an explanation of the initial concept and guides you through the entire process of creation, starting with generating a unique idea, demonstrating the complete blocking stage, breaking down the animation stages in easy-to-digest chapters, and showing how to polish your animations before bringing your ideas to life in the Unity game engine.

Discover how to infuse life and character into your game assets and learn tips for helping your game animations shine. The ultimate goal is for you to feel empowered by a professional workflow and best practices that you will be able to apply to any game animation.

Maya Unity

00. Preview
01. Understanding Your Work
02. Gathering References
03. Initial Blocking
04. Breakdown — Part 1
05. Breakdown — Part 2
06. Polish — Part 1
07. Polish — Part 2
08. Polish — Part 3
09. Polish — Part 4
10. Exporting Animations
11. Unity Integration

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