Udemy – 2D Character Animator | Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney Free Download

Udemy – 2D Character Animator | Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney Free Download

What you’ll learn
Using Photoshop tools like the pen tool, lasso tool, and generative fill to cut characters out of backgrounds
Separating character assets into layers in Photoshop for animation in After Effects
Animating characters in After Effects by rigging, adding keyframes, using effects, and refining movement
Creating depth maps in Photoshop for parallax background animation in After Effects
Adding lighting effects, stock elements, and color grading to enhance animation compositions
Using the graph editor in After Effects for precise control over animation easing
Animating shape layers and masks for unique motion effects
Setting up projects systematically to stay organized when animating complex characters
Troubleshooting common animation problems and fixing assets in Photoshop
Creating eye blink animations for characters using multiple layers
Using AI tools like Midjourney to generate original character art assets
Techniques for creating unique character splash screen animations from start to finish
Building a portfolio of high-quality character animation work

Are you ready to create jaw-dropping 2D character animations that will wow your audience? In this complete guide for beginners, you’ll master 2D character animation using Photoshop, After Effects, and AI tools like Midjourney.

Step-by-step, you’ll learn how to separate characters from backgrounds, break them into animatable layers, create eye-catching animations, and add professional lighting and effects. By the end, you’ll have the skills to bring your own 2D art and characters to life through animation and build an impressive portfolio.

Join me as we journey through rigging, animating layers, fixing common problems, developing lively motions, and polishing off scenes with color grading and additional assets. With fun practice assets and detailed explanations, you’ll gain confidence in this sought-after skill and experience the satisfaction of seeing your static art fluidly move.

The future of animation awaits – enroll now to master 2D character animation, enhance your skills as an artist, and breathe life into your creative visions!

Want more details? On completion of this course, you will have harnessed these skills:

1. Mastering Photoshop Tools for Character Isolation

Learn to deftly maneuver through Photoshop’s pen, lasso, and generative fill tools to seamlessly extract characters from their backgrounds. We’ll delve into practical exercises that refine your precision and speed, ensuring crisp, clean character isolation every time.

Hands-on practice with the pen and lasso tools

Explore the generative fill’s efficiency

Perfect your character cut-out techniques

2. Layering Characters for After Effects Animation

Uncover the secrets to organizing and separating character assets into layers effectively in Photoshop. You’ll become adept at preparing assets that are animation-ready for a seamless transition into After Effects.

Layer separation techniques

Preparing assets for animation

Importing Photoshop files into After Effects

3. Character Animation Essentials in After Effects

Step into the world of animation by learning rigging, keyframing, and effect application to breathe life into your characters. We refine each movement, ensuring fluid, realistic animation that captivates and engages.

Rigging characters for animation

Mastering keyframes and effects

Refining and perfecting character movement

4. Depth Maps & Parallax Background Animation

Harness the power of depth maps in Photoshop for intricate parallax animations in After Effects. Learn to create depth, dimension, and dynamic backgrounds that elevate the visual storytelling experience.

Crafting depth maps in Photoshop

Parallax animation techniques

Enhancing visual depth and dimension

5. Lighting and Color Grading Mastery

Illuminate your animations with advanced lighting effects, stock elements, and color grading techniques that enhance mood, atmosphere, and visual appeal, making each piece a visual masterpiece.

Implementing lighting effects

Utilizing stock elements

Mastering color grading techniques

6. Precision Control with After Effects’ Graph Editor

Achieve absolute control over animation easing, ensuring smooth, natural movements that are visually pleasing and professionally crafted, taking your animation skills to the next level.

Animating with precision

Discovering the graph editor

Enhancing animation smoothness

7. Shape Layers and Masks for Motion Effects

Discover the art of animating shape layers and masks, unlocking a world of unique motion effects that add a creative touch to every project, ensuring you stand out in the animation arena.

Animating shape layers and masks

Creating unique motion effects

Enhancing creative animation techniques

8. Systematic Project Set-Up for Complex Animations

Implement structured project setups that streamline the animation process, ensuring efficiency and organization when working with complex characters, saving time and enhancing workflow quality.

Organizing animation projects

Handling complex characters

Enhancing workflow efficiency

9. Troubleshooting & Asset Refinement

Arm yourself with troubleshooting skills to tackle common animation challenges head-on, and master asset refinement in Photoshop, ensuring each animation project is polished and professional.

Fixing common animation issues

Refining assets in Photoshop

Perfecting animation projects

10. Eye Blink Animation Techniques

Learn the intricate process of animating eye blinks using multiple layers, adding that soul and character personality, enhancing the connection between your characters and the audience.

Animating eye blinks

Using multiple layers effectively

Enhancing character emotiveness

11. Midjourney AI for Character Art Creation

Venture into the world of AI with Midjourney to generate unique, captivating character art assets. Discover techniques to optimize this powerful tool, personalizing each creation to fit your specific project needs.

Generating art with Midjourney AI

Customizing character assets

Optimizing AI tools for art creation

12. Complete Character Splash Screen Animations

Master the journey from concept to completion, creating captivating character splash screen animations that are visually stunning and professionally crafted, ready to showcase in your portfolio.

Concept to completion workflow

Creating unique splash screens

Polishing animations for showcase

13. Building a Stellar Animation Portfolio

Compile a portfolio showcasing your high-quality character animation works. Learn the strategies to present your skills effectively, ensuring you capture attention and opportunities in the animation industry.

Over 50 character designs included

Showcase your animation skills

Capture industry attention and opportunities

My biggest hope for you:

My aim is to provide you with the skills needed to kickstart your animation journey!

Who this course is for:
Beginner animators or aspiring animators with an interest in 2D character animation but no prior experience
Digital artists, illustrators, or graphic designers looking to expand their skills into animation
Game developers or indie game creators wanting to learn how to animate characters for their games
Students studying art, design, animation, or game development in need of beginner skills
Hobbyists with creative software like Photoshop/After Effects who want to explore animation
Anyone motivated to start animating characters as a new creative pursuit or side hobby
Those interested in utilizing AI tools like Midjourney to generate original character art
Artists/creators wanting to build an animation portfolio or showreel
People passionate about bringing their 2D art or characters to life through motion

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