Udemy – Blender Render Program Free Download

Udemy – Blender Render Program Free Download

What you’ll learn
Creating simple renderings using Blender Render Program
Assigning ready-made models in Blender Render Program and making changes on them
Creating an ocean view that can be used in landscaping
Learn EEve Render and make a simple render using Cycles Render.
Master all commands in the Blender interface

A PC compatible with Windows 11, 10 and 8.1, supporting Intel Arc, version 101.3430 or later with driver

Learn how to make 3D modeling with Blender rendering, how to assign materials and how to get a simple render.Learn how to turn 2D surfaces into solids by using simple geometric shapes to create a platform, a seat cushion.Learn how to create complex forms in a simple way, how to create organic forms by deforming solids, by deforming the table we created with the Plane tool, by designing an inflatable seat.At the end of modeling, have the basic logic to create any kind of model. Get different solid forms by deforming geometric shapes.Learn how to use the Blender Sculpter tool and the Brush tool by creating a deformed meteorite.Make the materials in Blender’s own library look flawless on the complex forms we model. Learn how to assign different materials to the objects we model and adjust the UV on them.By the end of this video, you will have learned how to do a simple render by dealing with various landscape elements. Learn how to adjust the sky settings, how to make the ocean, how to give the ocean effect.Understand the working logic of Cycles render and Eeve render have an idea about their differences. Make a simple render with Cycles render.

Who this course is for
People who want to create 3D models
People who want to create animation visuals
Architectural design
Industrial designers
Furniture designers
Interior design
those interested in visualization and presentation techniques

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