Udemy Complete 3ds Max and Chaos Corona Course from Scratch Free Download

Udemy Complete 3ds Max and Chaos Corona Course from Scratch Free Download

What you’ll learn

Create realistic high end architectural renders
Move around 3ds Max confidently
Model efficiently with 3ds Max
Model any type of exterior or interior architectural scenes
Create PBR textures with Chaos Corona
Lighting setup for exterior and interior scenes
Camera settings with Chaos Corona
Render settings for top quality visuals


No experience required. You will learn everything you need to know


On this course you will take your architectural visualization skills to the next level by learning the industry’s most powerful software (3ds Max and Chaos Corona). Knowing how to create high end realistic renders can increase your chances of winning competitions, sell your designs and will also let you escalate the overall quality of your projects.

Your traning will start with modeling in 3ds Max where you will go through several tasks until you get very comfortable with the software, next, you will model an interior scene in order to understand the efficient ways of producing interior spaces. Once the modeling section is over it will be time for you to learn the correct workflow about interior lighting and creation of PBR materials (realistic materials).

Within the exterior phase of the course you will be taught how to master the different types of lighting there is to these specific scenes and how you can create any type of terrain.

The course is designed for you to make your very own portfolio with the purpose of finding a job as a 3d artist or for personal use.

The lectures will not only let you model and render interior and exterior spaces, but also let you understand the general workflow on creating furniture and it’s materials by using advanced methods for extra details which can then be applied differently to your scenes.
Who this course is for:

Architecture students, architects, designers or people within the real state industry who wish to learn how to create realistic stunning visualizations in order to sell projects easier, win competitions, and amaze colleagues and clients

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