Udemy – Creation of a realistic Robot on your first day in Blender Free Download

Udemy – Creation of a realistic Robot on your first day in Blender Free Download

What you’ll learn
Creation of high quality 3D models
Creation of realistic procedural materials using nodes
Clever approaches to optimize your modeling workflow
How to set up the camera and find suitable angles
Blender modifiers and hard surface modeling
Materials properties and behaviour
Bringing the scene to life with lights
Shortcuts to speed up your modeling process
Lots of essential tools and tips
Rendering your projects
Obtain the necessary skills to embark on your own journeys in Blender

We are going to create a realistic exploration rover in Blender. Even if it is your first day in Blender you can follow this class since it covers the very basics and everything you need to follow the different videos. Regardless of that, the progression in the course reaches a more advanced level of modeling to be able to have a deeper understanding and solid skills. The final goal is to teach all the necessary skills to be able for you to have enough expertise to model on your own. I want to make it as enjoyable for you as possible since I know for a fact that Blender may be very confusing at first. Hence, I showed all the shortcuts on screen and explained all the procedures so you can clearly understand all of my actions.

We will learn about:

· Lots of essential tools and tips

· Modeling techniques

· Powerful modifiers to obtain

· Materials, node setups and procedural textures

· Rendering, cameras, lightning and important settings

· A wide amount of tips and tricks to optmize your modeling workflow

My intention is that after ending this class, you will be able to create decent models on your own and feel much more comfortable while using Blender.

It has been an honor for me to help you. Feel free to ask any doubts or even post your final results, that would make me very happy!

~ Auripher

Who this course is for:
Anyone! From first-time users to more seasoned ones, everyone can learn something new!
Enthusiasts willing to learn and create 3D models on their own

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