Udemy – Modeling With Unreal Engine 5 – No Maya or Blender Needed Free Downloads

Udemy – Modeling With Unreal Engine 5 – No Maya or Blender Needed Free Downloads Free Downloads

What you’ll learn
Introduction to Unreal Interface
Learn the Modelling Tools of Unreal in Detail
Understand the logic to create challenging 3D Models
How to create a full render scene for a Game, Cinematic Scene, or Portfolio

Dive into the world of 3D modeling with Unreal Engine 5 and bypass the traditional 3D software learning curve to create mesmerizing environments directly suitable for your portfolio!

Unreal Engine 5 is revolutionizing the way we think about 3D modeling and environment creation. Gone are the days when extensive knowledge of external 3D modeling software was a prerequisite for creating professional-level game assets and environments. With UE5, the power to craft detailed, high-quality models is integrated directly into the engine, streamlining your workflow and enhancing creativity.

This comprehensive course is designed for beginners and intermediate users alike, aiming to provide a solid foundation in Unreal Engine while focusing on direct modeling techniques. Through nearly 14 hours of high-quality, engaging content, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Unreal Engine’s modeling tools and be ready to construct the iconic lobby from “The Shining,” ready to shine in your professional portfolio.

What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to Unreal Engine: Start your journey with a thorough overview of UE5’s interface and capabilities, setting the stage for a successful modeling experience.

Basic Modeling in Unreal: Dive into the fundamentals of creating shapes and structures, learning how to manipulate them into complex objects and scenes.

The XForm Tool: Master the art of transforming objects through scaling, rotating, and moving, essential for precise modeling.

The Model Tool: Discover the power of UE5’s Model tool, enabling you to create and edit geometry directly within the engine.

Mesh and Deform: Learn how to refine your models by adding intricate details and realistic deformations, bringing your creations to life.

UVs Tool: Tackle the basics of UV mapping in Unreal Engine, ensuring your models are accurately textured and visually stunning.

Other Important Tools: Explore additional tools and features within UE5 that are crucial for advanced modeling techniques and workflow efficiency.

Capstone Project – Recreate “The Shining” Lobby:

As the culmination of your learning journey, you’ll apply all the skills and techniques you’ve acquired to recreate the iconic lobby from “The Shining.” This project is designed not only to challenge and solidify your understanding of UE5’s modeling capabilities but also to provide you with a standout piece for your professional portfolio.

Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a proficient modeler with Unreal Engine 5, crafting stunning environments that captivate and impress. With no need for Maya or Blender, unleash your creativity directly within UE5 and bring your vision to life!

Who this course is for:
Programmers in Unreal curious about 3D Modelling
Beginners in Unreal in search of an area of specialization
Aspiring and intermediate 3D artists looking to leverage the power of UE5 for modeling
Game developers seeking to expand their skill set in environment creation without relying on external 3D modeling software
Anyone interested in creating high-quality 3D environments directly within a game engine

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