Udemy – Old Stylized Character in Blender Free download

Udemy – Old Stylized Character in Blender Free download

What you’ll learn
Head Sculpting
Workflow for Production
Body Sculpting
Character Sculpting
Hair Grooming with New Curve Types
Cloth Sculpting
Texture Painting
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My name is Bharat Sharma and I’m Freelance 3D character artist,

This project is one of my favorite’s that I have worked on and I wanna share all the info and the workflow through which I was able to create this Stylized Character with the use of free but awesome software called Blender. This workflow does include the use of Zbrush a bit and Photoshop.

We are also gonna be learning to design him and after the design is complete we are gonna do the cloth sculpting as well after that we will be preparing him for animation by baking all the maps

This Course is made for Character artist on intermediate level where we are gonna learn about full Stylized Character creation in Blender which also include Skin Details. We are gonna learn to Sculpt Anatomy, Design Character, Texture painting, Hair grooming using New Hair system which uses Geometry nodes and finally give a Smile.

This Course contains

– 24 Hours of Content
– 44 lectures
– Resource files

Software you need for this course

Zbrush (For a bit)
Photoshop ( or any Image editing Software like Gimp, krita etc )

Watch the Index Video for more Info !!

What will you get with this course.

– 24 hours Lectures
– Final Project Files
– Custom Alphas
– Final render file

You can contact me on Udemy if you have any problems.

Who this course is for:
Beginner Who wanna know the character workflow that could be used in animation

UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part05.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part02.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part06.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part03.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part04.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part07.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part08.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part01.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part09.rar – 2.5 GB
UdemyOldStylizedCharacterinBlender.part10.rar – 1.4 GB