Udemy – Ultimate Displacement Texturing Course using Midjourney Free Download

Udemy – Ultimate Displacement Texturing Course using Midjourney Free Download

What you’ll learn
You will learn the fundamentals of PBR Texturing
You will learn how to create your own PBR Texturing Maps
You will learn how to texture you own Materials with displacement and height blending
You will learn how to create stunning 3D Textures

In this course you will learn all the interesting elements regarding displacement texturing and how to create your own

PBR Textures such as normal maps, roughness maps, displacement and bump maps and how to use them effectively.

You will also learn how these textures work and how you can use them for realistic reflections in your scene and how to blend between your textures using displacement and on how to use mask textures as well as using paint masks and mask modifiers inside quixel such as cavity to create interesting color variations and roughness variations.

You will also learn how to use you own photos or simply using an AI called Midjourney to create stunning Albedos or Displacements and just from one single image, you will be able to create a complete PBR Texture with not only an Albedo but with Normal, Roughness and Displacement Maps.

We will also create seamless textures so you can use them inside Quixel and get even more ideas to create interesting and unique textures.

You can also tile your tile your exported mixer texture seamless and use them inside your game or landscapes without looking weird or repetitive.

In the end, we will render our mixer textures in blender to see our textures in a better environment and with more detail.

Who this course is for:
for 3D artists who want to learn more about PBR texturing

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