Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021 Free Download

Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021 Free Download


Motion Symphony v1.05 (4.26)
FluidNinja LIVE v1.5.26.3
Female Hero: Action adventure
Ultimate Fighting Game Engine (U.F.G.E) (4.26)
Realistic Forest Pack (4.25-4.26)
Dreamscape Nature : Meadows – Stylized Open World Environment (4.27)
Marmudella House Mega Pack V4 (4.22-4.26)

Motion Symphony v1.05 (4.26)

Note: This is not a ‘plug and play’ asset or character framework
Note: Motion Matching has animation requirements to work properly

Motion matching and pose matching tools for high fidelity animation synthesis. Motion Symphony is a suite of cutting edge animation tools that enable high fidelity character animation while also simplifying your animation graph. The flagship technology of ‘Motion Symphony’ is motion matching but it also contains several pose matching nodes that can either supplement motion matching or be used independently as needed.

– Motion Matching
– High fidelity character locomotion in a single node
– Support for cut clips
– Optimized pose search
– Trait / tag system
– Pose Matching
– Multi-Pose Matching
– Transition Matching
– Motion Snapshot – seamless matching between states

FluidNinja LIVE v1.5.26.3

Real-time, responsive 2D Fluid Simulation for PC and Mobile apps, featuring Volumetric Fog, Smoke and Clouds, Niagara Systems, Preset and Memory Management.

Key features
Live 1.5 features global usage: sim containers could move in WorldSpace
Live 1.4 features custom, lit Volumes with Self Shadows
Ready for Cinematic Rendering via UE 4.26 MovieRenderQueue
Ready to drive UE native Volumetric Clouds, Fog and Niagara Systems
Autonomous: following a three step setup, responsive fluid simulation Actors could be placed on level
Embeddable: fluid sim Actor Component could be added to user defined classes, pawns, vehicles
Scalable: could be optimized for average mobile devices – or run a 4k simulation container
Simulation buffers (density, velocity, pressure) exposed as RenderTargets

Static and Dynamic mesh position, size and velocity
Skeletal Mesh Bone & Socket position, size and velocity
Texture and Material based density, velocity
SceneCaptureCamera and Streaming video based density
User gestures via mouse and touchscreen

Technical Details
Sim variables accessible by Blueprints and Sequencer
Preset based simulation management
User editable sim-output Materials
Flow Mapping to add extra details to sim-output
LOD, Proximity based Sleep/Wake, Memory Pooling
32 demo levels providing usage examples
Manual, Tutorial videos and annotated blueprints
Tested under UE5 EA (see Manual, Chapter4)

Level & game design
Live is supporting a design approach with multiple, local fluidsim containers for character and area effects
Live is not a robust “whole world system” – it is designed for a multitude of dispersed, local interactions

NinjaLive is a compact Unreal Project – its feature set could be utilized in games by merging
It is based on standard Unreal assets (Blueprints, Materials)
Live does not rely on Niagara – but could be used to drive Niagara
Does not contain C++ code, pre-compiled elements, or third party content
Cooking, compiling and packaging is tested for Windows PC, Apple, iOS and Android Mobile

Female Hero: Action adventure

Realistic young woman with action hero archetype design. The asset is intended for third-person games and also for cinematic videos. Customizable materials with flexible parameters. Completely modular system. The skeletal mesh includes 12 morph targets (In the future this number will be increased) Realistic hair based on Epic Hair with a dynamic effect. Skeletal mesh weapon with orientation to the right hand socket. The asset includes three level maps with ultra quality render settings. 12 blueprints with examples of modular assembly such as Clothes, Props, Body Parts, Hairstyles.

* Breast physics is not included in the asset according to the rules of the Epic Team.
* In the future I plan to add new faces and hairstyle variations.
* The background environment in the images is not included in the asset.
*Naked body and breasts physics are available on the support forum.

Ultimate Fighting Game Engine (U.F.G.E) (4.26)

Easily Create Your Own AAA Fighting Game (2.5D or a 3D Arena), Multiplayer supported.

U.F.G.E is the greatest fighting game engine on the market. It utilizes Unreal Engine’s brand-new utility widget system which makes creating fighting games easier than ever before. Not only is it easy-to-use, it’s also extensive and contains many aspects you would expect a AAA fighting game to have. A system like U.F.G.E would take months to years for a solo developer to create and would cost big companies $100,000+ to develop.

Feature Spotlight:
– Cross-platform Ready
– Create Your Own Fighting Game With Little To No Coding Experience
– Multiplayer Support
– Advanced Combo System
– Open Source
– Artificial Intelligence
– Character Creator
– Comprehensive Moveset Creator
– Easy-to-use Animation Designer
– Create a 2.5D or a 3D Arena
– Minimal Input Lag (Better Than Many AAA Fighting Games)

With Ultimate Fighting Game Engine you can harvest the power of UE4. Here’s a list of fighting games created with the engine:
– Street Fighter V
– Dragon Ball FighterZ
– Tekken 7
– Mortal Kombat 11
– Injustice 2
– Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
– Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
– Samurai Showdown
– Jump Force

Realistic Forest Pack (4.25-4.26)

This package includes high-quality maps, grass, flowers, rocks and more. You can easily create your maps and generate all plants with material and procedural foliage volume. All plants support Pivot Painter 2.0. You can change wind strength and angle as dynamically from Material Instance.

• 1 Overview Map
• 2 4x4km playable terrain
• Easily editable materials and material instances
• 20 high-quality ground texture
• High-Quality Height map
• Dynamic lighting and bonus lighting setups
• Easy to create terrain
• Height map Slope variation
• Pivot Painter 2.0

• Alaska Cedar: 6
• American/Quaking Aspen: 11
Ground Plants:
• Cattail: 4
• Fern: 3
• Sword Fern: 8
• Virginia Creeper: 2
• Clovers: 8
• Grass: 15
• Wheat: 1
• Flowers: 17
• Rocks: 11
• Cliff: 1
• Photogrammetry Rock: 1
• Tunnel Parts
• Bridge Parts
• Guardrails
• Road Meshes

Technical Details
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: from 1024 to 8192
Number of Meshes: 146
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 23 Materials / 216 Material Instance
Number of Textures: 480
LODs: 1 to 3 LOD per asset
Collision: Yes

Dreamscape Nature : Meadows – Stylized Open World Environment (4.27)

A large collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen stylized environments. Featuring close 100 high quality stylized meshes, a fully customizable water system and a massive open-world demo map, this stylized environment pack is optimized for all platforms, including large scale open world games. Check out the animated Gifs and Trailer to get a better taste.

— High quality low poly optimized foliage, trees and forests with a distinct stylized look.
— 4k Impostors for all trees, allowing you to build huge environments with minimal performance cost.
— Auto-Landscape material to instantly create appealing terrains just by using the standard terrain tools with distance base tiling blending and paintable layers.
— Highly optimized material workflow using master materials and material instances with fully customizable parameters and color palettes.
— Customizable stylized water shaders( Lake, River, Waterfall) .
— Stylized particle effects.

» 94 meshes
» Trees & Forests
» Bushes & Flowers
» Rocks & Cliffs
» Customizable Grass
» Stylized Sky
» Props & VFX
» 4k Octahedral Impostors.
» Terrain auto-material.
» Suitable for large open worlds.
» Suitable for all platforms.
» Stylized Water shaders
» Lakes.
» River Spline Tool.
» Waterfall + Foam.
» Distant terrain meshes with auto-materials.
» Custom optimized LODs and Collisions.
» Customizable materials including color palettes and wind settings.
» 2x2Km Demo scene included.

Marmudella House Mega Pack V4 (4.22-4.26)

High quality collection of objects to mount or add to outdoor scenes, gardens in VR, archviz and video games.

Everything is modular except the walls of the house. Electric Cables, pipes, mechanic pieces, decorative pieces of exterior and interior, hand-painted paintings, decorative figures, umbrellas, palms trees, dry trees, outdoor furniture, foliage, swimming pools and all accessories, ladders, screwdrivers, pens, welders and many loose pieces for the storage room. Grunge, saturation, contrast, etc, all customization controls available.

All the assets are middle poly retaining all the details of each of them, optimized the best possible, all use lods.
– Foliage (add 9 Ivys in version 4)Total 20
– Assets garden, (add Version 4: 8 Palms tree and 4 Trees ) total 164
– 31 Rocks Corners
– 21 Flowers and plants in total (add Version 4: 2 Agave)
– 52 Assets for House interior/exterior.
– 13 rooftiles modular.
– 84 storageroom Objects
– 33 Swimmings pool models, + 8 stairs
– 122 accesories swimming pool(loose parts, electric cables, pipes too)
– 2 level
– 15 decals
– 1 menú example

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Sizes: 512×512 to 4096×4096. 2048×2048 is usal and most.
Blueprints: 10
Collision: Yes, autogenerated and custom
Vertex Count: 4 to 35.000(mower).
LODs: Yes, between 4 and 6 lods, generated and custom.
Number of Meshes: 782
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30 Materials, 528 instances
Number of Textures: 881
FX: Smoke (sprite content in starter content for free)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 bits.
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC

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Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part03.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part04.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part05.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part06.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part07.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part08.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part09.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part10.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part11.rar – 1.5 GB
Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 1 Oct 2021.part12.rar – 28.8 MB