Vadim Prokopchuk – Visual Master: Course in Photo Processing (2020)

Vadim Prokopchuk – Visual Master: Course in Photo Processing (2020)
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, this course will be useful for everyone. The course contains 15 lessons after which you will be able to work as a retoucher. We will also dive into the topic of contemporary art. You will have a cultural compass in your hands that will help you distinguish between good and bad.
1. Introduction
– Create a cultural compass in our head.
– Content pyramid. What has always been valued by society?
– Object, Plot, Aesthetics, Artistic Image, Craftsmanship, Technology
– Perpetual and daily trends.
– We create an understanding and a sense of composition.
– We control the viewer’s attention.
– What does a professional photographer focus on?
– Light, the key to all doors.
– What does a “cinematic” picture consist of?
– Postmodern and Metamodern.
– Performance + Hype.

2. Flowercorr
– The only correct setting for Photoshop.
– How to see what the human eye does not see?
– We analyze the picture with one button.
– What to do with dirty color?
– We work with channel contrast.
– Remove the flat color, create a variable color.
– We create harmony.

3. Grading
– Complete color processing algorithm as a diagram
– Features of color perception
– How do you determine the appropriate color scheme for your photo / video?
– Setting presets individually for each photo
– What is Perceptual Saturation?
– 3 Fully Disclosed Ways To Get A Cool Picture.
– How to steal a color from a photo you like?

4. Correction of the second level
– We treat the skin with frequency decomposition (acne, uneven tone, hard shadows)
– Dodge and Burn for all occasions (soft, pleasant, even skin without “soap”)
– We delete any object from the photo. (3 ways)
– Correction of the figure using Plastics.
– We observe the anatomy of the body.
– How to get rid of background distortion?
– Narrowing brush.
– Blocking mask.
– We paint clothes in perfect colors.

5. Secrets
– Altitude. One secret loot that does all the work for you.
– How to create the perfect hairstyle in two clicks.
– Chocolate skin like magazine covers.
– Process automation.
– Another way to create rich, clean colors.

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