Video Spokesperson Academy & Green Screen Production

Video Spokesperson Academy & Green Screen Production
Get on-cam assignments, film in front of the green screen and get instructor feedback. It’s the best way to learn!

Ever wanted to learn how to shoot green screen but was too intimidated to do so? Now you can!
In this all-in-one course, students learn green screen filming with your smart device and keying the green with Adobe Premiere Pro. Access a budget-friendly list for equipment needed. Students also get to do fun on-camera assignments, access to our Facebook group page for support, and much more!

Learn on your own time
No need for expensive private lessons. You can learn all the basics online, at your own pace and on your own time.

Practice makes perfect
Not ready for the big leagues? That’s okay. Practice shooting green screen in your own comfort zone with step-by-step video tutorials all in one place – The  Video Spokesperson Academy.

Film in minutes
A green screen is a low-cost way to create professional videos with minimal editing required. It’s perfect for businesses with limited resources that cannot afford expensive lighting setups or camera equipment.

What else does this course teach besides removing the green?

This course definitely covers the fundamentals to adding elements that raise the value of production. For example: overlays, transitions, sound effects, animation, and more. VSA removes the fluff and gets straight to teaching step-by-step, so students should anticipate a lot of stop-and-play when following along and editing their assignments.