Write a Script for a Product-Demo Video or Explainer Video

Write a Script for a Product-Demo Video or Explainer Video

Write a Script for a Product-Demo Video or Explainer Video
Write a video script that grabs attention and engages viewers. Follow proven script-writing techniques for demo videos.

If you are a content writer or copywriter, one of these days someone is going to ask you to write a script for a product-demo video or an explainer video. When they do, what will you do?

I ask because script writing is a unique form of writing. Because you don’t just determine the words that someone is going to say in the video, either on camera or as a voiceover. You also determine what your viewer is going to see, and you determine what your viewer is going to hear.

Video script writing involves these three things: words, visuals, and sounds. You control all three, and you exercise that control in your script using a set of common commands and video production terms. For the video production team to turn your vision into reality, you must tell them what to say and how to say it, what to shoot and how to shoot it, and what sound effects and music to include, and how to include them.

Hi, I’m Alan Sharpe, and welcome to my course on how to Write a Video Script for a Product Demo or Explainer Video. I designed this course for content writers and copywriters who need to master this unique, visual medium.

In this course, you learn every step to take to write a video script from scratch. You learn the basic structure of all product demo scripts, the production terms to use in your script, and the format you should follow in your script.

You learn how to write for the ear, how to think visually, how to tell a story, and how to write the three parts of every video script (the intro, the middle, and the outro).

Look over my shoulder as I start with a blank screen and write a product-demo script from scratch, guiding you every step of the way. Learn the things you must do, the blunders you must avoid, and the best practices you must follow to make your product-demo video script or explainer video script awesome, and effective.

I wrote my first script in 1989, before video marketing was even a thing. I have been writing, shooting, editing and producing product-demo videos as a one-man show for more than eight years. In this course, I show you all that I’ve learned the hard way, along the way.

If you need to write scripts for product-demo videos or explainer videos, and if you want your scripts to be clear, engaging, compelling and effective, take this course. Check out the detailed course description below. Watch the free preview lessons. Read the reviews from my satisfied students. Then enroll now.