YouTube For New Personal Brands

YouTube For New Personal Brands

YouTube For New Personal Brands

There are multiple benefits of having a Youtube Channel, It can really become your main stable of income! There are countless influencers who have built their personal brands on Youtube and now make a killing just because they knew how to fully leverage this platform (and of course had their own knowledge/expertise to display).

“There Are No Unique Messages. Only Unique Messengers.”

1) Give the Audience More Content

2) Extra Source of Traffic

3) Closer Personal Connection

4) Another Source Of Revenue

5) Modernizing (Video is just so hot right now!)

6) Creative Outlet

7) Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Here is what will be covered:

  • How To Structure Your Channel For SUCCESS
  • How To Easily Create Content & Never Run Out Of Ideas
  • YouTube Algorithm Secrets EXPLAINED
  • How To Create Thumbnails
  • Engaging With Your Niche = Growth!
  • How To Utilise End Screens & Cards
  • Why We Want To Use YouTube Ads
  • Ads Part 1: Creation
  • Ads Part 2: Targeting
  • Ads Part 3: Optimization

This is more of a beginner’s course to get you off the ground and running!

The strategies covered in this course have helped various clients begin their journeys with a Youtube Channel and really take advantage of this medium of communication!