Monetise Your YouTube Channel: Live Webinars In 7 Easy Steps

Monetise Your YouTube Channel: Live Webinars In 7 Easy Steps

Monetise Your YouTube Channel: Live Webinars In 7 Easy Steps
Learn how to run live stream interviews and live stream coaching webinars in 7 easy steps using StreamYard & YouTube

In this course you will learn how to run successful live coaching and interview webinars that you broadcast to your audience using StreamYard and YouTube. This course is perfect for individuals or small business owners who are trying to get a brand going and need to boost their marketing and audience engagement with live sessions.

Follow the 7 easy steps in the course and learn all about how to use coaching sessions and live interviews as funnels that help you sell with credibility and authority. See exactly how I grew my YouTube channel from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in four months using 8 highly engaging webinars that delivered value for my audience and helped them achieve their goals.

Learn how to get your audience to take action that achieves their goals and drives traffic and sales for your brandIn this course you will also set up your own webinar interview using everything you have learnt so that you achieve your goals of growing your brand and promoting your product using webinars.

  • Learn all about interviews and how to achieve your goals and those of the audience and your guest
  • Sell your products and funnel your audience through actions and increased trust
  • Host an engaging interview using the techniques you learn in teaching and demonstration lessons
  • Step through a coaching webinar and an interview webinar and see the practical applications of what you have learnt
  • 7 easy steps to set up, prepare, promote, run and follow up your coaching and interview webinars
  • See inside my own YouTube channel and Facebook group for proof of how webinars drives audience growth
  • See inside my Udemy course instructor dashboard for proof of how webinars drives course enrollments
  • Get downloadable resources that you can use to follow a roadmap for successful webinars
  • Learn the features of the free version of StreamYard to get you started: banners, stream layouts, settings & branding
  • Learn how to schedule a broadcast from StreamYard that becomes an upcoming livestream in your YouTube channel
  • Speed up your YouTube channel monetisation by running webinars that increase subscribers and watch time

If you’ve been looking for ways to boost your online brand and increase sales then this course will help you achieve that by getting you started with webinars. Learn everything you need to know and see examples of how to do it so you have the confidence to set up and run your own webinars and achieve your goals.