Udemy – Autodesk Maya || Textures Baking Free Download

Udemy – Autodesk Maya || Textures Baking Free Download


Create low poly 3D model with high detailed textures for 3D games.

What you’ll learn
3D Low Poly Game model from scratch.
Unwrapping UVs of the Model.
Create high poly model from low poly model.
Baking Textures in Substance painter for achieving high quality visuals.
Use quick & easy tools/techniques of 3D modeling and texturing.

Basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya would be great!!!!
A System with Autodesk Maya & Substance Painter.

Develop your game modeling, UV unwrapping & texture baking skills to the highest standard through this course !Learn the basic concepts, process and tools that you will need to create 3D game assets with popular applications Maya and Substance Painter.Autodesk Maya and Substance Painter are mostly used applications for games assets modelling by game designers all over the world. However, you can use other applications but process will be same. You will have deep understanding how to model game assets.This course includes over 5 lectures and 1 hour of content, suited to anyone. If your interests lie in Game assets design, 3D modelling or texturing, then this course is for you.Starting with understanding the concept then you will move to 3D low poly modeling with easy tools and commands in Maya. After creating model, you will learn how to optimize and cleanup model for games. Then you go through unwrapping UVs. You will go through each aspect of texturing in detail, then you will bake high detailed model to low poly model, to create details in model. By shading technique, you will bring asset design from basic to advanced professional looking.At the end of the course, you will be able to create low poly high detailed game models by using Maya and Substance Painter tools.

Section 1: Autodesk Maya || Textures Baking

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 LESSON 1

Lecture 3 LESSON 2

Lecture 4 LESSON 3

Lecture 5 LESSON 4

Novice to Intermediate 3D artists who struggle with creating low poly high detailed models for games and unwrapping UV’s of the models for texture baking.,Students who want to add more detail through texturing in 3D model without adding extra polygons.

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