Udemy – Robot Design: The Ultimate Concept art tutorials Free Download

Udemy – Robot Design: The Ultimate Concept art tutorials Free Download

photobashing techniques, 3d, rendering realistic images, hardsurface


no experiences needed, easy to follow course if you know photoshop basic would be great


if you want to become a great concept artist, for film and game industry ? create amazing characters robots ? then this class is for you, i share with you in this class, all my experience about designing robots with 3d and photobashing technique, this is the fast techniques and most effective, we use for film and games i will talk to you about how to become good artist, as i will teach you all tips and tricks from inside the field, this is high quality training course i tried to cover all in 6 hours content

in this class we will learn :

stormbrain ideas: how to prepare your ideas about your character

learn the way of chosen the prefect image

analyse light:we will learn how to analyse the light for our art work

3D sculpting: we will learn how to sculpt hard-surface for concept art

kitbash applying: we will learn about how to use kitbash to speed up our workflow

using alpha to add details : we will learn how to use alpha to detailing our design

working with less geometry :we will learn how to export our design and decrease our geometry

rendering layers :we will learn to render materials layers in keyshot

photobashing our model:we will learn how to add more details and finish designing with photobashing technique

adding decals to our model:we will learn how to add decals, to make our design look manufactured

weathering our model:learn to add textures to the model to make it look realistic and give it a background

add effects :we will learn to add effects like smoke to our model

we will learn working with zbrush, keyshot, photoshop and lot of other things

this class is required basic knowledge about zbrush, keyshot, photoshop, although we will see about the tools we gonna use plus its easy to follow even for beginners

as a bonus :you will get: 6 photoshop squares shape for hard surface , 8 high kitbash pieces as a imm brush ready to use in zbrush for your project, 10 alphas to use in any hard surface project

i hope you like the class and teach you to become the artist you want to be .
Who this course is for:

everyone want to learn concept art and design for film and games

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