Sergey Gunin – Guru of Light 4 – Light Masks

Sergey Gunin – Guru of Light 4 – Light Masks∫
We will learn how to create our own light masks. Forget about the Gobo masks from the Spotlight set. Here you will create a play of light and shadow that will be memorable and can become part of your personal brand.

It’s easier than you think! A huge variety of sources that you can use: an iPhone flashlight, a projector, a construction spotlight, home or studio flashes, studio constant light.
And absolutely anything you want can serve as a mask! You can create unique pictures either at home or in a professional studio.

— You live where there are no cool attachments and large studios, but you want to shoot impressive footage and surprise clients!
— You shoot and would like to shoot better in studios;
— You want to learn new tools and stand out from your colleagues;
– You want to use this to get into interesting commerce and magazines;
—You strive to become a legend of the world

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